Become Teppanyaki Master at Benihana

Have you ever dreamed of being a teppanyaki chef? Then Benihana’s Be The Chef experience is for you.

The famous teppanyaki restaurant, which has been dishing out Japanese culinary theater since the 1960s, offers guests the chance to learn the popular techniques its chefs use while creating signature Benihana dishes.

For those participating in the Be The Chef package, they’ll start off with a one-on-one lesson with a trained Benihana chef so they can learn and perfect their skills. Once all the techniques are down pat, it’s time to hit the hibachi grill to create a meal for a group of friends and impress them with your newfound skills.

Chat Chow TV gave the program a whirl a few weeks back with Chef Oscar and learned how to execute all the Benihana signature moves including the Onion Volcano and the Shrimp Tail Flip into the hat. At the end of the meal, we even received an honorary teppanyaki chef certificate, an apron and a chef hat that we could show off to family and friends.

Want to get in on the act yourself? Visit! Packages start at $200 for a guest chef and three friends. Until then, check out the fun times we had during our class below.

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