Zach Lynch / The Ice Plant

A place creating quite the buzz in the bar scene both locally and nationally is the newly opened The Ice Plant in St. Augustine, FL. The craft cocktail bar and restaurant is serving up creative drinks using homemade ingredients in a warehouse that once housed an actual ice plant. Chat Chow TV sat down with Head Barkeep Zach Lynch to find out more about the drinks, what’s make its ice so special and all about the historic space.

As the title of the restaurant suggests — ice plays a key roll in every drink. The Ice Plant uses several different shapes of ice for its drinks, all hand carved from 150 pound blocks of ice that are made daily in-house. The ice is made with water that is filtered four to five times to achieve optimal purity and therefore clarity in color.

The cocktail menu rotates often, but is filled with drinks made of recipes from each bartender in the staff. Drinks that are an ode to its surroundings and Florida highlight the menu like a “Hemingway Daquiri” and a “Florida Mule” made with vodka made at the distillery next door. Even the tonics, sodas and 14 different type of syrups are all created on site.

However, food isn’t an after thought at this bar. The kitchen makes everything fresh from scratch, down to the ketchup it serves on its hand cut french fries. Dishes run the gamut from small, bite-sized plates like fresh pretzels served with a warm cheese dipping sauce to larger dishes such as pork chops and burgers.

Curious what Lynch’s favorite dish is? Or how much ice it goes through in a week? (Hint — it’s a LOT) Find out those things and more in the video above.

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