KLIMA Brings Modern Spanish Flair to South Beach

Since its opening in late March, KLIMA has been high on our “must check out” list. The modern Spanish restaurant opened in the heart of South Beach and has gotten plenty of buzz since.

The space is nothing like it was when it used to house the short-lived Tosca. The founders Pablo Fernández-Valdés and Yago Giner renovated the space and the new look truly took our breath away. When you enter you are immediately greeted by its lounge and bar area that features chairs and built-in sofas adjacent to wooden and rustic cast-iron candle-lit coffee tables. Plenty of modern artwork line the walls including a statue of carved metal letters to resemble the silhouette of a human-like figure that we all snapped pictures of.

The theme of the decor is natural, soft woods, which extends to almost every element of the space, which can be seen in the varnished wood on the floor to the dining tables made of tropical red wood and dark tinted marble. Separating the lounge and bar from the main dining area is a long couch equipped with plenty of tables, set against a tall wooden bookshelf that’s impeccably decorated with books and ornaments.

The outdoors area has been completely revamped as well with a new veranda-type feel. The space is outfitted with with marble dining tables, plenty of potted plants and outdoor greenery, hanging lamps that look like wooden spheres and cylinders, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that face into the dining room and many colorful rugs give to complete the warm, inviting ambiance.

As for the menu, it was created by Executive Chef David “Rusti” Rustarazo who originates from Spain. It’s divided into several different sections and we got to try a little bit of each. For starters we had Fennel with Burrata and Kalamata and dried tomato, which was the most unique take we’ve had on a burrata dish in a long time, along with the Tuna Toast with chipotle, leek and lime and the Half-Cooked Egg with potato patmentier and Iberian ham. Then entrees were divided into proteins, fish and pasta — with the meats being the star of our meal with the Veal Stuffed Paccheri with porto and parmesan cheese and the Jasper Lamb Shoulder being stand outs.

And of course, we didn’t miss the bar and dessert offerings. Its cocktail list is is short but well-executed and is filled with plenty of classic drinks like the Pisco Sour and the Mint Julep. As for desserts dishes like Passion Fruit Cream with coconut and mint slush and the Torrija with Greek yogurt complete the meal.

Want to get a peek of the menu — or space — for yourself? Check out the images below.


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