Jonathan Lazar / Sustain Restaurant + Bar [CLOSED]

Managing partner, Jonathan Lazar talks about their 1920’s prohibition influence cocktail program, the concept behind Sustain and being the new kid on the block in midtown.

About Sustain Restaurant + Bar

The idea for Sustain started very humbly and on a small-scale. Beliefs about and practices related to sustainability took root in the farmer markets where we shopped and the kitchens of our homes where we prepared daily meals. The simple recycling of a plastic bottle. The composting of organic table scraps and garden-grown vestiges. The rehabbing of a salvaged table large enough to seat many friends and family. And from the realm of the personal, we extend out these valuable lessons learned in order to supply food, drink, and other necessities of life at the large-scale. Sustain sustains…through food, architectural design, and daily operations, and always with an eye to the preservation of environments, natural resources, and communities.

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  • Jonathan – I’m so proud of you!

    The restaurant and the food look terrific!!!!

    Love Aunt Nancy

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