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About Panther Coffee

If the aroma doesn’t convince you, the gentle roar of the pre-WWII Probat Perfekt Roaster will — Panther stands for Coffee. Period. And its mission is evident in everything husband-and-wife team Joel Pollock and Leticia Ramos Pollock put into their place.

To begin with, every cup of coffee Panther serves is roasted on site, in small batches, each of which have their origin in farms personally-selected by the Pollocks for taste as well as and individuality. Both Joel and Leticia benefit from longstanding relationships with coffee producers throughout the world, and these friends and colleagues not only possess generations of knowledge and passion, but they produce some of the finest lots of coffee available anywhere.

After the selection of green coffee beans (using a professional technique known as “cupping”), Joel uses his 20 years of experience to roast them, achieving correct development and caramelization of the sugars present within the coffee bean, without the conversion of these precious caramelized sugars into carbon, which can result in an ashy or smoky taste. Great care is taken to expose the magnificent natural sweetness and the most subtle flavor nuances often lost in the roasting process.

 Furthermore, Panther fields a team of extensively- and continuously-trained baristas to showcase these wonderful coffees and the people behind them.

There’s good reason why Panther has become the go-to spot in Miami, and why its coffees and expertise are now being implemented from here to New York City; that’s because a Panther cup of coffee is just how great coffee is meant to be enjoyed.


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