Fast-Casual Mediterranean Concept Zuuk Comes to Brickell

The guys behind My Ceviche have a new concept on their hands: Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen, housed right next door to their My Ceviche outpost in Brickell. Behind all the dishes are executive chefs Danny Ganem and Sam Gorenstein who have both done impressive stints at Laurent Tourondel’s restaurants around the country before venturing into the fast-casual world.

For this concept, imagine Chipotle, but with Mediterranean ingredients. Created made-to-order, assembly line style, guests first move on to their base which can be a pita, rice or bulgar bowl, lettuce bowl or a mix of lettuce and rice. Then it’s time to pick your dip and spread, up to three, and they range from everything from hummus to zahar feta. Next up is your protein or veggie, which includes baked falafel and roasted veggies for vegetarians, and spiced lamb kefte, slow roasted beef and spiced chicken for the carnivores. Finally there is a bevy of toppings and side like herb salad, sumac onions and Kalamata olives, and then an option of four different sauces ranging in heat levels to finish your dish. Wash it all back with fresh-made juices or a soda from Boylon Soda Machines, which is natural alternative to Coke and Pepsi.

Until you can give the new concept a try for yourself, check out some of the mouth watering shots below.

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