Edge Steak and Bar “Miami Spice 2013” Dinner

With Miami Spice 2013 in full swing, we got the opportunity to try out the offerings at one of our favorite steakhouses EDGE, Steak and Bar insides the Four Seasons Miami. The three-course Miami Spice menu features three different appetizers, four different entrees and two different desserts options prepared by Executive Chef Aaron Brooks.

Brooks surely did not disappoint as the menu offered something for everyone during each delicious course. Each dish was such a crowd pleaser that no one could pick a favorite! Make sure to add EDGE to your Miami Spice “bucket list” – which is available daily for lunch and dinner at a steal of only $19 for lunch and $33 for dinner. And for a sneak peek of what to expect, check out the mouthwatering pictures below.


Croqueta – chicken and truffle croquetas, carrot puree, parsley salad
Terrine – pork and duck terrine, spicy mustard, preserved peppers, grilled bread
Red Salad – roasted beets, queso fresco, red walnuts, piquillo peppers


Mahi Mahi – grilled mahi mahi, eggplant puree, slow cooked heirloom tomatoes, country olives
Lamb – lamb braised with chipotle and spices, whole grain salad, fragrant herbs, yogurt
Beef – Creekstone farms butchers filet, fire roasted broccolini, pepperoncini and raisin salsa, sweet onion butter
Green Gnochhi – five different green vegetables, crunchy breadcrumbs, parmesan cream


Cherry Bomb – black cherry bubble, pistachio pound cake, vanilla bean ice cream
Peanut Butter and Jelly – peanut butter mousse, strawberry gelee, banana financier

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