Cold Pressed Raw (CPR) Helps Make Vegan Cooking Approachable

With vegan cuisine becoming all the rage nowadays, it is still an unapproachable concept to many. But Miami juice go-to and vegan eatery, Cold Pressed Raw (CPR), is helping to change that with its interactive cooking classes that teach guests easy ways to create vegan cuisine at home. 

You’ve probably seen CPR cold-pressed juices around town at places like Panther Coffee and Equinox. The popular brand expanded to a retail and restaurant space in October 2015 in the heart of Brickell, where it hosts the classes. At this location you can find healthy, made-to-order meals, snacks and desserts for customers to enjoy. Products range from breakfast items including Avocado Toast and Acai Bowls to lunch items including Zucchini Noodles and Quinoa Bowls.

The classes are customizable to your preferences. Since everyone in our group was a fan of Almond Mylk, we asked to learn how to create that first. The recipe is surprisingly simple, just soak one cup of almonds in water for 12 hours, then blend in a blender (or Vitamix if you have one) and blend for about a minute with cinnamon, agave and salt to taste. Strain in a almond milk bag, which is easy to find on Amazon, and you can store it in the fridge for up for a week.


For our main course, we created a Coconut Ceviche that had the same texture and flavor profile as a fish-filled ceviche. What was the secret? Marinated coconut meat, which was thinly sliced to mimic fish. We tossed it with fresh, seasonal ingredients like mango, avocado and tomato, and dressed it and it was ready to eat.

For desert, we created our own Superfood Energy Balls, which were also an easy, blender created. We just blended up an assortment of nuts — almonds, cashews, and walnuts — in a blender with dates until it’s a sticky to mold into bite-sized balls. Then roll them in your choice of coating like poppy seeds, hemp seeds or even chocolate.

If you want to learn for yourself, give the restaurant a call to arrange your cooking class at (786) 615-3263. 

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