Zuma Gets Artsy With Basel Inspired Cocktails

Didn’t get enough Art Basel over the last week? Head over to downtown Miami’s Zuma for Art Basel inspired cocktails served in specialty glasses by Chicago-based artist Ashley Cesario

Ashley Cesario is a nationally recognized artist who has previously showcased during Art Basel 2018. An accomplished mural artist, her work can be found in Illinois, Michigan, New York, Miami, and Costa Rica. She’s set a path to find the perfect balance between the spirits and arts industry. Working behind the bar, she found a love of flavor combinations similar to her adoration of Pantone mixtures. While studying wine (she handles Jordan Wine’s East Coast and export markets), she has found stimulation with her palate and the pallet. She creates art as she is inspired by her travels, and most of her pieces are donated to charitable causes, local hospitals, and friends.

“I paint because it’s my passion; it makes other people happy, so that’s what I strive for in both my personal and professional life. Seeing others enjoy my art, wine, and hospitality brings me pure joy.”

Her latest creations are now on display at Zuma in the form of three seasonal cocktails inspired by the locations that host Art Basel throughout the year. 

Art Basel Hong Kong occurs annually mid-March featuring galleries and artists from all over Asia and beyond. Zuma Miami’s Hong Kong cocktail is named Jinsoku, meaning rapid or fast in Japanese — an appropriate name for a cocktail made with Martel Blue Swift VSOP, applejack, elderflower, citrus, and a dash of bitters. This cup is brightly colored is filled with images of neon lights, lucky cats, and cheeky Japanese sayings.

Switzerland, home of the namesake Basel show that takes place every June, is represented with the Writings On The Wall cocktail made with vodka, mint, ginger, lychee puree, elderflower, and lemon. The black and white cup features murals similar to those found in the city of Basel, Switzerland. The graffitied cup is donned with images like an all-seeing eye and lips with wings flying about. 

Miami’s Art Basel may happen during December while the rest of the country is freezing, but in true Magic City fashion, it’s design features pink flamingos and palm trees against a black and white wall reminiscent of Wynwood’s famed wall at Miam Cafe. This cocktail named Tougan Aloe Vesper is made with Absolut Elyx, Chareau Aloe liqueur, cucumber, and matcha.

Art Basel may be over, but art lovers can make their way to Zuma, where these Art Basel inspired cocktails will be available for the foreseeable future. 

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