Khong River House [CLOSED]

When word got out a few week’s ago that former Top Chef Master’s contestant and Asian cuisine star, Patricia Yeo, would be taking over the kitchen at Khong River House we couldn’t wait to get a taste of her new menu.

Yeo has been in the kitchen at Khong for roughly a month and has already revamped the entire menu. While not every dish is new per se, she said she has tweaked almost every dish on the menu to help make them her own.

We had the opportunity to try a lot of her new dishes and some of the standouts included the Scallop Crudo covered in a cilantro-lime muddle on top of a pineapple salsa and finished with pork cracklings for a crunchy bite; the Smoked Duck and Watermelon served with watermelon prepared three different ways then tossed in a lemongrass caramel dressing; Red Cooked Pork made with braised pork shoulder and pork belly on top of bok choy and topped with a five minute egg; and the Duck Confit & Chinese Sausage Fried Rice that none of us could stop eating. Before dessert she even jokingly insisted we needed some veggies and brought out her Chinatown Flash-Cooked Watercress prepared in the wok with lots of garlic that we happily scarfed down.

Want to check out all the dishes we tried? See the pictures below.

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