Domaine De Canton Dinner Series

After making stops throughout the country, the Canton Dinner Series hosted by Domaine de Canton made a return to its hometown of Miami on April 15.

The dinner hosted inside Dolce, the new Italian restaurant at the Gale Hotel, showcased the many different uses of Domaine de Canton. For those not familiar with the spirit, it’s an infusion of French Cognac and baby ginger with slight hints of honey and vanilla. Dinner guests learned throughout the evening how the beverage pairs well with everything from duck to pastries.

After being greeted with a welcome cocktail at the hotel’s speakeasy bar, The Regent Cocktail Club, guests we were escorted to their seats and got to try Domaine de Canton as an apertif allowing everyone to get a true taste of the liquer.

For the first dish, salmon cured in Domaine de Canton served with a mache and orange salad, Dolce’s cocktail maker extraordinaire, Nick Nistico, made the “Canton Breeze” with equal parts Domaine de Canton, dark rum and a splash a pineapple juice for good measure, which went well with the lox-inspired appetizer.

For the main course, a roasted duck breast with braised endive, Domaine de Canton candied celery, and kumquat Domaine de Canton sauce; Dolce’s executive chef Paolo Dorigato showcased how Domaine de Canton could be used in sauces and braising in addition to cocktails. For this beverage pairing, Nistico chose the “Gold Rush” mixing Domaine de Canton, Makers Mark and fresh lemon juice that helped create a nice balance to the rich duck.

For the sweet finale, guests enjoyed a flan prepared with Domaine de Canton along with some of the delicious Italian thumbprint cookies anyone in the group had ever tasted. These desserts paired nicely with the last cocktail of the evening, “The Canton Cobbler” featuring Domaine de Canton, Plymouth Gin, fresh lemon juice and muddled raspberries.

Throughout the evening, dinner guests had a chance to interact with Domaine de Canton staff and ask questions, learn its history, and even got a chance to meet the company’s founder and president John Cooper. When the meal was complete, everyone received a bottle of Domaine de Canton so they could experiment with the drink themselves and see what creative uses they could come up with.

For those unable to make it to the dinner, Domaine de Canton shared with us the recipes for the cocktails so they can be enjoyed at home:

“The Canton Breeze”
Equal parts:
Domaine de Canton
Dark Rum
Splash of pineapple. Build on the rocks and stir.

“The Gold Rush”
1 ½ parts Domaine de Canton
1 part Makers Mark
½ Fresh Lemon Juice
Shake and strain into a martini glass

“The Canton Cobbler”
2 parts Domaine de Canton
½ part Plymouth Fin
½ part Fresh Lemon Juice
4 muddled raspberries
Shake and strain over ice


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